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How To Find No-Fee Dropshippers

Many retailers never use dropshippers because they charge a fee. The fee could be in any form, either for processing or membership. You should stay away from such sellers, but this does not mean you should not try dropshipping at all.

What you need is a dropshipper who is genuine. Most people who ask for fees are not suppliers, in reality. Real suppliers do not charge fees to send you products. It is their job to sell products to retailers, and they are not supposed to charge you money for doing their job. The problem is that the dropship industry is filled with dishonest sellers, who pretend to be suppliers, but they are actually middlemen.

The middlemen buy products from the supplier and sell them to retailers. Because they sell products at prices exceeding wholesale rates, resellers are placed at a disadvantage. You would have noticed that many of these so called dropshipping companies offer products at prices equalling retail price.

Add to it the various fees they charge, whether in the form of membership or packaging, and the cost of purchasing the product from these suppliers can inflate sky high. Therefore, buyers advise retailers to find real dropshippers. Use a directory such as eSources, which has received great reviews from buyers and happens to be the largest B2B directory for suppliers.

eSources has all kinds of suppliers on its database. It includes importers, distributors, and wholesalers. The site even has many manufacturers listed on it. You can find many dropshippers among these suppliers. Even if a supplier does not expressly state that they dropship, you can ask them if they would be willing to consider the option for you. This will improve the number of suppliers you get to choose from, particularly if you are aiming to work on a dropship basis with your supplier.

The database also contains a list of dropshippers. You can go through the list, ask for quotes, and select a dropshipper. Reviews of eSources say that these are genuine dropshippers, who have their own warehouses that hold stocks, and they offer products at reasonable rates. These no-fee dropshippers will give your business the shot in the arm it needs to grow and generate more revenues.

Ignore all rumours of scam regarding the directory on eSources, because many buyers have found success and guidance through this website.

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